We specialize in prototyping high-tech products of small-scale and medium-scale series.

Production process/Technology
Demand phase

During the demand phase, our technology department carefully reviews customers’ documentation and ensures that the relevant input data is optimized. This is the very essence of quality production. The first step is to prepare the offer. For this we need:
- GERBER files,
- PDF document for PCB production,
- Pick & Place file,
- Bill of Materials (BOM),
- PDF picture of PCB with components and polarization,
- Instructions (for programming, testing, assembly, etc.).

According to customers' requirements, we offer the manufacturing of electronics in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality standard and the ISO 13485 medical standard.

1. SMT assembly

SMT (Surface Mount Technology) component mounting is the basis of almost every product we create. It involves surface-mount technology, a method of soldering electronic components with a Pick & Place machine, which mounts a component on a printed circuit board (PCB), previously printed using a special solder paste. The latter melts in the oven, which is an indispensable part for high-quality soldering of components onto PCBs.

We own 3 fully automated production lines for SMT mounting via the Pick & Place machine from EUROPLACER, which enables accurate and flexible mounting of electronic components.

SMT assembly

In addition to the Pick & Place machine, each production line is connected to other devices that enable:

- Solder paste printing via a special sieve onto particular pads. Using a printer, we apply INDIUM 8.9 paste in different granulations, depending on the project.
- SPI control is the second control point on the production line. It monitors the application of solder paste onto individual pads and is the very essence of a quality SMT mounting process.
- Pick & Place is a machine that, on the basis of the received “Pick & Place” file and documentation, qualitatively mounts all SMD components in specific locations on the printed circuit board. Using an integrated camera, the machine has the capacity of mounting even the smallest raster components (pitch) of 0.35 mm in size.
- AOI control is an integrated InLine AOI unit, which at the end of the SMD mounting process verifies whether the components have been laid out correctly and that the soldering and rotation of each component is correct.

Mounting size options:
- PCB size options from 60 mm x 60 mm to 800 mm x 460 mm,
- passive components up to 0201 in size,
- BGA components of up to a 0.35 mm pitch.

EMS Services

2. THT assembly

The focus of every designer is price and volume optimization enabled by SMD technology. However, even classic THT components still remain an integral part of many electronic circuits.

Modern methods include the mounting of SMT components on both sides of the printed circuit board, which means it is possible to solder classic components only by selective soldering, for which we use a device manufactured by Ersa. This enables high-quality selective soldering of THT components in an inert nitrogen atmosphere, which ensures quality soldering without oxidation.

3. Conformal coating

Industrial electronics are often exposed to various harmful environmental conditions that may lead to corrosion or non-functioning of products.

Conformal coating is one of the ways to protect electronics from adverse effects, at least to some extent. In parts of the printed circuit board where conformal coasting cannot be applied, we use selective coating with a device that allows controlled application of coating.

Quality control

4. Quality control

Quality is our foremost priority. It is an integral part of all our production and business activities. In order to maintain and control the quality of our services in production, we constantly update and purchase new devices. Quality control is also guaranteed through constant employee training.

We ensure high quality products in the following ways:
- with visual controls
- by optical inspection of solder paste application (SPI)
- by optical inspections of rotations and solder joint quality (AOI)
- solder joint quality inspection (X-RAY)
- various tests

5. Programming and testing

The electronic circuits are programmed and functionally tested in accordance with our customers.

Some final testing procedures:
- ICT (In-Ciurcuit Test)
- Boundary scan
- Functional test of devices

Programming and testing
Integration of printed circuit boards

6. System box integration

We supply the design and manufacture of the electronics housing, the integration of the electronics into the housing, the testing of end-products and equipping products with documentation for use or certification needs.

We are a complete solutions provider: "From design to on-shelf products."

7. Packaging and labeling

A correctly labelled and packaged end-product is an integral part of the creative identity that also affects visibility on the market. Labelling is especially important for products manufactured in accordance with medical legislation and standards.

Upon customers' requests, we prepare the packaging design and package the product accordingly.

Packaging and labeling

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