About Us

Company profile

L-Tek is a family-owned company founded in 1994 in Šentjernej, Slovenia, by Radko Luzar. Since its establishment, L-Tek has earned a reputation as a technical innovator specialising in and focused on the research, development and production of electronic modules, electromechanical components and software solutions for a variety of industries engaged in the small-scale and medium-scale production of complex, high-tech goods. We have capabilities that allow us to design optimised, bespoke solutions for each specific customer.Today, L-Tek looks back on a proven, long and successful trajectory as a true solution provider, and is recognised as such by a plethora of well-known international companies and partners.

The L-Tek team consists of enthusiastic and eager thinkers seeking to identify the most effective and efficient solutions for customers.

We are recognised as a very flexible partner that offers optimised and automated process flows for both small and larger quantities.


Vision & Strategy

We envisage becoming a complete solution provider, equipped to address any level of complexity across the gamut of hardware, software and manufacturing industries.

Our strategy consists in understanding market needs and challenges prevailing in the electronics, IoT and medical & sport segments that we can address by developing, designing and creating comprehensive solutions.


Corporate Culture & Values

We are committed to lofty corporate values: openness and transparency, fast response time and quick turnaround time – and an eagerness to offer and supply the best solutions and superior-quality products and services, continuously innovate and amass further technical knowledge and expertise. These values are at the heart of our company and are our lifeblood: they drive everything we do every single day.

In short, we are passionate about what we do!


L-Tek is a very proud sponsor of our great Slovenian athletic team for some years.

We are eager to support our young talents to reach high international results and get our country visible and recognized world-wide! This is part of our culture and responsibility as a company and as a human being.
The owner and CEORadko Luzar


L-Tek complies to the highest standards of quality for our development and manufacturing processes. Therefore L-Tek is ISO 13485, ISO 9001, RoHS 3 and REACH certified.


Company Milestones