Connecting a large number of different devices to the Internet represents a special kind of challenge for us. We design and manufacture unique bespoke solutions. Do you already have an idea of what you want?

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L-Tek IoT

L-Tek’s Internet of Things (IoT) is designed by a team of experienced R&D professionals. We are the architects of the L-Tek IoT product family. Want the best IoT monitoring and control solution currently on the market? We adapt and optimize all L-Tek IoT solutions according to your specific requirements.

We pave the way to the future by connecting data, smart devices and people, all of which will have far-reaching effects on the efficiency, productivity and security of new applications and solutions.


Sensors and smart devices have become an indispensable daily necessity. They are increasingly smaller in size, more affordable, consume less energy, and at the same time are more computationally powerful. These gadgets are no longer limited by large capital investments and factory-tied infrastructure. They are found literally everywhere – from traffic lights that help optimize traffic flows, to devices that monitor life functions.

At L-Tek, we are constantly developing and upgrading the universal building blocks of IoT solutions, which enable the coordination of sensors for measuring, monitoring and controlling of various factors and processes. Data can be stored and analysed automatically, and appropriate notifications can be sent via interconnected warning systems.

Take advantage of the latest technological advances. The technical architecture of L-Tek’s IoT is flexible and offers support for the entire lifecycle of data, analytics services and decision-making processes.

Showcase projects

Vibration Control

The smart vibration control solution based on the IoT concept consists of a sensor, a smartphone and a web application. The solution provides the user with information on the condition of professional and municipal machines.


IoT solutions for professional e-bikes, including access management, track&trace, and smart locking.

EMS Services

For many years, we have been successfully providing high quality Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) worldwide.

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EMS Services
R&D Services

R&D Services

Research and Development are key building blocks of our services when creating new custom-built products.

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