L-Tekov svet interneta stvari

L-Tek IoT World

L-Tek IoT is a family of open-source development boards that make it easy to implement custom IoT applications with support for a range of connectivity protocols.

L-Tek IoT is a high-quality and state-of-the-art IoT brand developed by L-Tek. We are a recognised and highly respected electronic design, development and manufacturing company with decades of experience in software and hardware (PCBA) solutions.

Create your very own IoT world with the L-Tek SMART IoT platform!

L-Tek IoT is designed by a specialised and experienced R&D team. We are the architects of the L-Tek IoT family of products that offer the best SMART IoT monitoring and controlling solutions on the market. All the L-Tek IoT solutions can be modified and optimised to match the needs of different applications.

The L-Tek IoT brand represents a family of state-of-the-art SMART IoT products that offer today’s leading measuring, monitoring and control solutions. All products can be modified and optimised for different situations, so they’re FUN to use!

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