Production process

Production process

1. Preparation for production

The technology department works closely with customers, advises them and helps ensure that input data for production are accurate. Also, prior to the commencement of production, the customer agrees about any special features or additional operations that are not included in the standard production process.

2. Purchase of materials

Our purchasing department strives to supply materials at competitive prices and within the desired time frame. Components are purchased from certified and authorised distributors only.

priprava materiala

3. SMD Production

The SMD line is the very heart of production and is equipped with the latest technology for mounting SMD components and offers the mounting of the most complex electronic components.

  • Automatic loading
  • printing solder paste
  • SPI control
  • SMT assembly
  • Pre-reflow control
  • Reflow soldering (VaporPhase)
  • AOI control
  • Automatic unloading
  • EPA spaces

smt proizovdnja 1

4.  THT Production

We offer our clients the soldering of classic THT components. Our offer includes selective PCB soldering.

  • Manual soldering (completion)
  • Selective soldering
  • Inert gas technology (Nitrogen)
  • From 60 to 406 mm, length of up to 508 mm

tmt proizovdnja 1

At the customer's request, we also perform selective  coating to protect the product from external influences.

selektivno lakiranje 1 selektivno lakiranje 2

5. Control

SPI control
Each SMD line is equipped with SPI control, which monitors the application of solder paste onto the pads. The quality of paste application is important, as the quality of the compound in the melting process depends on it.

In-Line AOI control
During production, the layout of components is checked before these are melted in the oven.

Final AOI control
All finished circuits are ultimately checked via the classic AOI control, where the emphasis is on verifying that the components are correctly soldered and that the components have been correctly laid out.

inline AOI

6. Product composition

If necessary, we assemble the products into casings and upgrade them to get the final product.

7. Programming / Final testing /functional testing

We offer our clients programming and testing services. Usually, customers provide the testing devices. Additionally, clients are provided with all the end test results.


8. Packing and shipping

If necessary, the circuits can also be packaged into final form, in a box together with instructions or some other additional components. Packaged products can be transferred to the desired address via fast mail (DHL, FedEx…).

9. Quality

Quality is our priority. It is why we annually take part in training courses which keep our operators up to speed with all the latest knowhow.