PCB assembly

PCB assembly

We offer High Tech EMS services from consulting to dispatch:

  • Material procurement
  • SMD and THT asssembling services
  • Firmware Flashing and Testing
  • End customer dispatch

Material procurement and preparation
We cooperate with major suppliers of electronic components worldwide. Our suppliers provide us with high-quality components and deliver to agreed deadlines. L-Tek assures for all components traceability.

In order to have continuous production we manage our stock with several thousand of different components. All of the components are provided by verified suppliers. Customers can supply some or all components themselves (components must be of a suitable quality and properly equipped for machine mounting).

SMD and THT assembling

We use state-of-the-art equipment for component assembling. The following mounting options are offered:

  • SMT: components sized up to 01005 QFP 50 x 50 x 31 mm
  • TIV: sized from 60 x 60 mm to 1610 x 600 mm
  • Capacity in terms of surface components: 25,000 cph

Surface components (SMD) can be soldered using different technological processes: Reflow soldering and Vapour phase soldering

L-TEK also offers machine selective soldering service for THT components, which because of high-density SMD components, can not be soldered in standard wave-soldering process.

We have established multiple Quallity checkpoints in production, to ensure highest quallity of our products.