Industry IoT examples

Industry IoT Examples

An industry with a history here is oil and gas, specifically production and refining. Downtime incurs huge risk and cost, so the industry continues to improve and expand how it uses sensors, networks and analytics to generate predictive insights into the degradation of equipment performance and predict failures in oil fields, pipeline networks and refineries. The result is expedited identification of possible equipment failures and optimisation of the entire production process.

Electric utilities are expanding the use of phasor measurement unit (PMU) data outside normal operational reporting. Initially, PMU data were used to visualise and report on parameters such as voltage, current and frequency. Being able to discern the difference in near real time is critical to formulating and deploying a response.

Transportation is another industry leveraging IoT advancements. Heavy truck industries use streaming data from the engines and sub-systems to identify potential breakdowns and then use those data to schedule efficient maintenance visits outside operating hours. The trailers or actual loads being transported are also equipped with sensors. Heat, vibration and sound frequency can all be used to monitor the safe transportation of freight.

Similar benefits are recognised in the automotive space. On-board diagnostic data are being leveraged for the early detection of equipment failure, safety risks and defects.

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