L-Tek IoT

The primary Internet of Things (IoT) driver today is the broader adoption and deployment of sensors and smart devices. Sensors are now smaller and cheaper, and they require less power and have more computing capacity. No longer are they limited to high capital investment and factory-centric infrastructure; they are literally everywhere – from the traffic signal helping to optimise traffic flow to the watch that monitors your vital signs. Sensors are endemic to daily life.

L-Tek has therefore developed its own SMART IoT platform that permits all sensors to be aligned so as to measure, monitor and control elements and processes. All the data can be stored and automatically analysed, and notifications issued via integrated warning systems.

Take advantage of these trends: the L-Tek IoT technical architecture is adaptable, while concomitantly catering to the entire life cycle of data, analytics and decision-making.

More information about the current standard products are available on the following link: L-Tek IoT Products
For any interest in modification, customization or development of any type of IoT products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Measure, monitor, control