What we do?


L-Tek specialises in the production of prototypes, addressing small-scale and medium-scale high-tech products. All phases of the product life-cycle are included in our offer: the design of printed circuit boards (PCB), software development, production, assembly, testing and despatch respective to the electronics, IoT, medical and manufacturing segments.

Today, L-Tek employs 20 highly motivated and qualified engineers who specialise in electronics and software development. Based on its broad knowledge and experience, our team is able to develop, create and produce all types of electronics and corresponding software solutions – from concept to realisation.

L-Tek advises and creates, develops and produces development boards for silicon partners. It offers products to software companies that do not have the requisite hardware design experience. We support many companies through their start-up phase by guiding them from building the first prototypes through to execution of larger production batches.

All processes are carried out in an ESD-protected environment and in accordance with IEC EN 61340 regulations, ISO9001 and, when needed, ISO13485 medical device standards.

L-Tek IoT

Today, virtually everything is either connected or on its way to being connected via the Internet. Soon, all types of devices and objects – houses, cars, phones, lights and refrigerators – will be able to communicate with each other. This sudden explosion of intelligent devices has opened up new vistas of opportunity for organisations aiming to offer various IoT-based solutions.

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L-Tek Medical

In the medical industry, the continuous development and upgrade of the product is mandatory. L-Tek has competences and abilities with an engineering team to continuously develop new or improve the existing products.

Should you need any new developments or upgrades of your products and solutions in the Medical arena, L-Tek is the right partner for you!
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L-Tek Manufacturing

L-Tek specialises in manufacturing small-scale and medium-scale electronic components and devices and in assembling printed circuit boards.

A further focal area is the manufacture of prototypes that we design and develop for our customers.
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L-Tek Distribution

L-Tek provides a great distribution platform of different product categories developed with its partners or on its own.

See the range of our products and partners on our website and start cooperating with us!

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L-Tek Products

L-Tek keeps developing and innovating, offering a wide range of products and services that help our customers and clients achieve their ambitions. Please, look in our portfolio products that are currently available, in case you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will design and develop a product that will accomplish your ambition.

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