L-Tek FF1605

L-Tek FF1605

L-Tek IoT FF1605 comprises Wi-Fi wireless transmitters enclosed in a robust housing, providing remote monitoring through an existing Wi-Fi network. The primary goal of the L-Tek IoT FF1605 is to provide data acquisition and display for health monitoring and energy management for control and air system optimization.

The connection port isL-Tek FF1605 standard 1/2’’ male for easier and faster plumbing and connection. The unit operates on standard industrial 24V power supply connected using a cable.

A user-friendly, L-Tek IoT cloud web-based interface makes it easy to view and analyze data 24/7. End users can receive either a quick snapshot or a complete in-depth analysis of compressed air performance at any time.

L-Tek FF1605 IoT solution enables you to:

  • Monitoring air consumption over time
  • Monitoring the quality of compressed air
  • Costs benefits due to detect defects in production
  • Prevention of production failures
  • Identification of the loss sites in the compressed air system
  • Calculation of compressor station occupancy / optimal size
  • Industry 4.0
  • Notification service requested parameters by email, sms
  • Notification of regular and emergency services

Technical documentation:

Create your very own IoT platform with the L-Tek SMART IoT solution!

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