L-Tek FF1502

L-Tek FF1502 Sensor BLE

L-Tek FF1502 high-tech platform architecture enables rapid modification and re-design possibilities which can be implemented by adding custom modules, sensors, actuators and power supply interfaces! L-Tek FF1502 has already integrated scalability and seamless bridging characteristics, as well as many integrated sensors to measure temperature, humidity, ambient light, 3-axis magnet fields, acceleration and rotation.

RF communication is based on bluetooth low energy which connects you to any wireless network in any moment. There is no engineering knowledge required to manage such a product.

L-Tek FF1502 is compatible with most of the available development platforms on the market (e.g. Raspberry PI, Arduino, mbed and u-Blox).

L-Tek FF1502 is Bluetooth based sensor tag (FlyTag), a XBee pin out compatible building block for IoT.

With build-in sensors you can make diferent application for your home or make proof of concept to your idea in IoT. We provide support for easy implementation FF1502 module to your web application. You can also add different blocks to the module and control it with I2C.


A powerfull Nordic Semiconductors nRF51822 Blue-tooth MCU can be powered with CR2032 battery, over the I/O pins or over USBmini connector.

Technical documentation:

You may purchase L-Tek FF1502 Sensor BLE here.